Setting-up Hbase Interpreter for Zeppelin.

I found myself facing a dilemma while working on a data model to incorporate medical nomenclature records (body structures, procedures, disorders, etc.), their associated relationships, and additional Healthcare data. I feared that the complexity of this data would require an overly complex RDBMS or MongoDB solution, thus making data loading and retrieval suboptimal. The amount of logic […]

Economic Indicators R Flex Dashboard

Using R Markdown and Flex Dashboard to display U.S. Economic Indicators.

Implementation of analytical layer with mongodb and R to optimize department resources.

The other week I started working with flexdashboard to see if I could create some interactive R Shiny Dashboards. If you have worked with RMarkdown and Shiny before then flexdashboard is fun and easy, if not, then some additional explanations and references may be required to ensure you are having as much fun as I […]

I would like to kick off a series that takes different forecasting methodologies and demonstrates them using Python.  To get the ‘ball rolling’ I want to start with moving averages and ideally end the series on forecasting with ARIMA models (AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average). My goal is to have this content ‘light’ on theory and mathematics and instead […]

Using R to sequentially group and sample a big data file for processing

Using Google Places Web API to Geocode when address is not known.

Using Python and Basemap to render circles, with radius mile from lat, long center

Using LaTeX to format xtable column headers displaying R data.table results.