I am an information technology professional with over a decade of experience, which includes design, development, project management and more recently, quantitative analysis. I have worked on solutions for industries such as: transportation, energy, education, and healthcare.  Much of my professional experience has involved the Microsoft technology stack, such as .Net, MS SQL, BI, SharePoint development and some MS Dynamics Great Plans. Sprinkled in over the years has been a plethora of additional technologies and methodologies – some worthwhile, others not so much.

Ultimately I love this stuff and I would like to share  solutions that integrate a blend of IT design and development with data science tools and algorithms. I enjoy spending time reading physical and digital resources to construct and test solutions that can go on this site. Turning these solutions into self documented blog entries may actually take longer then the solution development itself.

I hope that the solutions and examples on this site continually improve as you the readers offer critical feedback. I do much of the work for this site late at night after getting my little ones to bed, so please forgive a few typos – I do go back and correct as often as I can.


Best Regards,

Jonathan Scholtes

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